See the panoramic CN tower with the canada working holiday visa

Canada is a marvelous place to be. Taking the working holiday visa can act as a life-changing decision for you. You can get this visa and make your life so systematic with it. You can be part of the well-paying work opportunities with this visa.

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A time period of 3 months is needed to get this visa. This visa is given for the age group of 18-35. Your passport must be valid for the entire length of this visa. All selected applicants are given the port of entry introduction letter which can be shown at the Canadian airport to get this visa.

CN Tower: second highest tower in the world after Burj Khalifa

Canada is rich in architectural wonders. One of such wonders is the CN tower which has a height of 533.3 meters. Its quite tall and you can get a complete view of Toronto from the observation deck of this tower. Till 2007, this tower was the tallest tower in the world. But in 2007 after the construction of Burj Khalifa, its status was taken from it. In 2009 the Canton tower became the tallest tower in the world.

2 million tourists come here to visit this tower per year. Edgewalk is one of the most unique adventures of this tower. Here you get to stand at a height of 356 m above the ground, to walk on the periphery of the building. Standing on the boundary of the ledge, you get a bird’s eye view of downtown Toronto. This walk on the 5 feet round ledge takes you to walk with a harness attached to a safety trolley holding you.  The total duration of this walk is 1.5 hours. The tickets have reasonable prices at 195 CAD. You also get a video as a memoir of this journey. The participants of this walk are given a special suit to wear over their clothes. This suit along with gloves and hats protects them from the adverse weather conditions at such a great height.

This CN tower also has a restaurant named the 360. This restaurant has mouth-watering cuisine for you. Enjoy Ceaser salad with wine in this restaurant. This restaurant revolves and you can get a sight of the Toronto skyline.

Jobs available for a working holiday visa holder

This visa allows you to do all kinds of jobs in  Canada. However, if your work involves working in the medical field or with children,  then a medical exam is needed to do that kind of work. There are jobs available at various tourist spots in Canada. Since its an open work permit, you can continue to work with the same employer for two years. The candidates get an invite to apply when they are selected from the working holiday pool.

The Port of entry letter is given for 12 months. During this period of validity, you need to be in Canada, otherwise, you won’t be able to get the visa. You receive a work permit from the border security officer if he/she is satisfied that you will move from Canada when your visa expires. So, you must have funds for a return ticket. Apart from that, there should be funds in bank accounts, showing that you are capable of meeting expenses in Canada and won’t need any social service assistance.

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